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Drive your business to hundreds of people everyday with your car magnetic sign. Why miss this effective advertising opportunity while you can promote your business with magnetic signs. These removable magnetic signs or car door magnet signs are printed in full color with your logo, brand or massage on them. You can give a professional look to your vehicle with our car door magnetic signs and immediately start promoting your business. You can stick car magnets to any metal surface or your vehicle. Our vehicle door magnets are laminated and available mat or gloss.


*Ultra high resolution full color laminated digital printing.
*Premium 30mil. Magnets
*Round corners stop fly-away.
*Production time: 1 business day or same day.

Most common sizes and prices:

12’’x18’’ = $35 each magnet
12’’x24’’ = $39.99 each magnet
18’’x24’’ = $45 each magnet
24’’x48’’ = $120 each - for partial car wraps

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